To truly understand what makes the man called Murray Loubser tick, you’ll first have to see him ride…


So, Who’s the Real Murray Loubser?

After watching his impressive videos, it’s quite easy to understand why G-Form has decided to back 21-year-old BMX-prodigy, Murray Loubser. Loubser moved from the Mother City of Cape Town to the humble little village of Gansbaai. You wouldn’t expect to find a rider of his calibre in these parts given that the area is best known for its great white sharks and kelp beds.

Murray Loubser

Murray Loubser at Salt River, Cape Town. Photograph: Wayne Reiche/RED BULL CONTENT POOL

Alongside Red Bull South Africa, VANS South Africa, Sunday Bikes and Odyssey Bikes, G-Form will make sure that Loubser has everything he needs to reach the top.

Murray Loubser

Murray Loubser proudly sports G-Form protective gear

As a kid, Loubser loved any sport that had anything to do with wheels, so you’d often find him either skating, rollerblading or on a bike. He received his first BMX on his 16th birthday and instantly knew that this was his destiny.

The last three years have been dedicated to travelling both locally and abroad as often as possible. He uses these trips to attend competitions and to film his latest legendary tricks. Loubser leaves a mark everywhere he goes, and as a result, people love him. His laid back humble demeanour is contagious and you just can’t help but want to be in his presence.

Murray Loubser

Murray Loubser performs a Wallride down stairs in Barcelona, Spain. Photograph: Wayne Reiche/RED BULL CONTENT POOL

Loubser doesn’t always travel alone. He often has Wayne Reiche, SA BMX legend, trail builder extraordinaire, and photographer by his side and together they produce some of the sickest videos and photos the BMX world has to offer. Reiche serves as a mentor to Loubser and has helped turn Loubser into one of SA’s finest BMX riders.

Follow Loubser on his personal pages:

Instagram: @mr.moo__

YouTube: @Murray Loubser


I’m Tracy Moseley, a semi-retired professional mountain biker from the UK. I still love riding my bike even after 20 years of racing all over the world, and I am happiest on an adventure in the mountains exploring new places. I love planning the next trip, how best to maximize my each and every day. I enjoy my own space and time and would say I am fairly quiet until I get to know people!

How and why did you get into mountain biking?

I started riding mountain bikes as a kid as I always had a bike growing up on a farm. My brother was my biggest influence and encouragement to start racing. I was a pretty lazy kid who didn’t like pedaling up hills so naturally, downhill racing appealed to me! I love all sports and played most school sports as much as I could, and I am really competitive at everything I do!

My parents were amazing, they knew nothing about bikes or the sport and never got involved in trying to help us fix the bikes, show us how to ride or I interfere with sponsorship or anything but they just supported us in every other way possible, which was the best approach I believe. They would drive us all over the country and feed us! That’s what was needed and they loved watching us and enjoyed making new friends along the way!

MTB Tracy Moseley
Photo credit: Samantha Saskia Dugon

Why is mountain biking important to you?

Mountain biking is an amazing way to travel, to see places that you wouldn’t access by car and you can cover so much more terrain than by foot. Mountain biking had given me so many amazing friends and I met my husband through racing bikes!

Being active and healthy are things that are so important in our lives, and riding a bike is a great way to stay in shape and reduce our impact to the world.

How do you train and become a better mountain biker?

These days I am not following any specific training program, I just ride when and where I want and dependent on how I feel, which is nice! When I was racing, I followed a bit more of a training program and got advice from few different people over the years but I have always been a bit hit and miss with serious training.

What are the most difficult aspects of mountain biking?

The hardest part of mountain biking is the change of weather and the effects that can have on the terrain of your bike and equipment. Also, often being motivated to go out and ride during the cold, wet winter months can be tough. To add, getting injured is part of racing and pushing your limits and injuries are always hard to come back from stronger and without any loss in confidence. What keeps me going is the fun that riding a bike can bring and all the good times I have along the way.

MTB Tracy Moseley
Photo credit:

How do you prepare for events/races?

Preparing for events takes many forms from sorting out all the travel logistics ahead of time, being organized and prepared is definitely the key to being successful. I do a lot of yoga and pilates and regularly stretch every day to try and keep myself in the best possible shape throughout the years.

Do you adjust your eating and sleeping habits while training?

I love sleeping and eating, and find it easy to do too much of both of those things! I need 8hrs or more sleep a night to function properly and I think good sleep is such a huge part of performing well in the sport. For my diet, I try and just eat a really well-balanced diet with as much fresh and natural food as possible.

How do you handle injuries and recovery?

Having an understanding of your body, some basic anatomy and knowledge I think helps a lot with injuries as you appreciate more what needs to happen in your body to recover properly. Getting good advice early and working at your physio and rehab exercises are really keys to a full recovery. Also, not rushing injuries is really important. Take time for your body to heal properly before you test it again.

MTB Tracy Moseley
Photo credit: Anne Marie Ludekens

What advice would you give to those starting out in mountain biking?

Try and meet up with a club or group of people who ride regularly as it’s much easier to get out the door if you have arranged to meet someone. It’s also a great social activity, and riding with people better than yourself will always help your skills progress.

Best advice for people who have been mountain biking for years?

Ride in new locations, challenge yourself to try and master a new skill, and get a coaching session to make sure your bad habits are not too ingrained! I’d love to see people all spending time working on skills on the flat with flat pedals on hardtail bikes, getting the basics dialed before attempting the red and black trails! It can reduce the crashes and make people better bike riders.

How do you balance your personal life with training and competitions?

My work/life balance is a bit blurred as my job and my hobby are all the same thing! I am fortunate that I have been able to earn money from my hobby too, but it’s often hard to switch off from work and escape, which can be tricky with family and friends as you often make sacrifices to pursue your work and hobby.

MTB Tracy Moseley
Photo credit:

What mountain bikes do you prefer?

I have been riding for Trek Bicycles for 9 years now and love the different options of bikes I can use for each different discipline. I love the Fuel EX and my Top Fuel the most as they are really versatile bikes.

What has been your best sporting purchase below $100?

I think my grid foam roller, great to travel with and help keep up with my stretching routine wherever I am in the world.

What sporting gear do you love?

I love my Osprey backpack so I can always have all the things I need on my bike rides. I have various options depending on what I need to carry. My go-to race pack is the Osprey Zealot 15litre. For shorter events, I use an Osprey Raven 10litre. I also use an Osprey Escapist 25 for guiding and leading. I also use Osprey packs for all my travel too, which makes life easy when traveling to and from airports so much!

Quality bike helmet is really important too for our safety and I use Sweet Protection. Knee pads and elbow pads are also really important to save all those unnecessary grazes, for pads I use G-Form.

MTB Tracy Moseley
Photo credit:

What will the future bring?

Hopefully, many more fun filled years of riding bikes and introducing another generation of young Moseley’s into the world of bikes and the outdoor world!

Check out the original interview:

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The first round of the 2017 Dustin Rudman Invitational took place over the weekend (15 and 16 April) at the infamous Heldekruin Hill. The Downhill MTB and Enduro MTB has grown with popularity seeing a good number of riders enter the series.
Riders had the chance to get to grips with the course during the Saturday’s official practice. Rainfall over the summer played its part in eroding the course but Dustin and his team put in an amazing effort to prepare a perfectly contestable course.
In the premier Downhill MTB class it was our G-Form sponsored athlete, Tiaan Odendaal who dominated the field by posting an incredible time of 01:07,583, over 5 seconds ahead of 2nd place, Kelvin Purchase with a time of 01:12,752. Dustin Rudman rounded off the podium in 3rd place with a time of 01:13, 176.
“The race went really well! There was a big turnout and everyone was stoked to ride and get involved. I arrived at the track on Saturday morning for practice and by the time I arrived everything was set up and the Red Bull Van was pumping some good tunes, such a rad vibe at the event all thanks to Dustin and all the sponsors involved, it instantly gets you stoked.
From personalized number boards to free Red Bull and just so many good things going on.

The race itself on Sunday went very well and I am stoked to have won by 5 seconds setting a new all-time record for the Helderkruin track.

Big thanks to all my Sponsors”!!!!

Tiaan Odendaal, G-form sponsored downhill mountain bike athlete.

At first glance G-Form products may look too good to be true. How could something lightweight, flexible, and comfortable also offer substantially greater protection than traditional hard shell protective products?

Well, the answer is science. While you have been struggling to find an alternative to wearing bulky, constrictive protective gear, G-form has been busy finding the answer. We strive to create protective gear that athletes are actually excited about and will willingly throw on before they get outside and ride. G-form products build confidence, promote progression, and are the perfect blend between comfort, protection, and style.

G-form pads harden on impact

How does RPT technology work?

That’s a great question and it’s actually pretty simple. At rest, G-form products are soft and flexible, but as soon as the pad is struck with an impact, the pad will instantly stiffen up dissipating about 85% of the impact.

How it works:

RPT technology

 Have G-form reinvented athletic protection?

We like to think so. Athletes are able to push their limits outfitted in protective gear without hindering mobility. Sewn to a compression sleeve, G-form products form to the fit of your body essentially creating second skin that will stay in place crash after crash.

Product features

G-form pads are made and designed in the good ol’ USA, are machine washable, cross over for multiple sports, for every test of character, for every season, for every leap of faith, protection for everybody. G-form pads are great for biking, skating, skiing & snowboarding, rugby, soccer and even kayaking (G-form pads are also waterproof).

G-form covers you for so many sports

Stay protected with the best.

Stay protected with the best

The inaugural CrankChaos Maluti Mountain Bike Festival launched over the weekend, a first of its kind in Southern Africa, with a fantastic turnout under crystal blue Maluti skies at Afriski Mountain Resort, Lesotho.


Riders and exhibitors from across Lesotho and South Africa headed to the northern section of the country to test their skill and equipment on a range of courses. Situated at 3222m of altitude, this 3 day festival was not for the faint-hearted.


The event kicked off with a hotly contested cross country eliminator, which saw Lesotho Olympian Pheteso Monese edging out fellow countrymen in the lactic acid inducing 650m sprint.


The day’s main event saw riders effortlessly reach the trail heads with the help of the 1000m long T-Bar giving them 200m of free altitude.


Three time downhill world champion, Greg Minnaar, claimed overall victory, winning stages 1 and 2 but was out pedaled on stage 3 by Olivier Munnik.


In the female and junior categories, Nikki Alvin and Kayle Seaward earned themselves the win in their respective categories.

Day two of CrankChaos kicked off with a 38km Marathon Race and outride to the Escarpment overlooking South Africa 1600m below. In a brave move, Pheteso Monese attacked early and spent the day in a lone breakaway that saw him winning the Marathon.


CrankChaos’ main event, the Downhill Eliminator pits four riders against each other, with each rider railing down a separate track .

By the time the semi-finals arrived, track conditions were perfect and riders were getting to know where and when they could push on the different tracks. In his semi-final, Greg Minnaar was beaten by mere miliimetres by Kayle Seaward in what was arguably the closest battle of the event.


The final proved to be a tight battle between two stalwart families of gravity racing in South Africa, the Seawards and Phillogenes. Phillogene brothers Chris and Jono proved their mettle taking 1st and 3rd respectively while Craig Seaward did his clan proud by taking silver.

G-Form was at the event giving riders the chance to test and ride with G-Form’s protection wear, keeping riders protected during the event.



The Trails Crew from Cape Town set to the course, building an epic dirt jump which escaped the wrath of the wind. Riders and spectators alike were entertained by the Crew’s incredible tricks and 360’s.

G-Form sponsored athlete Malcolm Peters doing an incredible 360 off the dirt jump.


The inaugural event CrankChaos was a resounding success and riders are planning their involvement at next years’ CrankChaos event.



XCO Eliminator Results:

Men:   1st:  Pheteso Monese
2nd: Teboho Khantsi
3rd: Tumelo Makae

Ladies: 1st: Larise Venter
2nd: Phia Vermeulen
3rd: Danni Coleman

Enduro Results:

1st-: Greg Minnaar
2nd: Christopher Pearton
3rd:  Olivier Munnik

1st:  Nikki Alvin
2nd: Larise Venter
3rd:  Phia van der Meulen

1st:  Kayle Seaward
2nd: Sharjah Jonson
3rd:  Jason Du Toit

DH Eliminator Results:

Men:   1st:  Chris Philogene
2nd: Craig Seaward
3rd: Jonothan Philogene

Ladies: 1st: Larise Venter
2nd: Nikki Alvin
3rd:  Phia Van der Meulen

Kids:1st:   Ike Klaasen
2nd: Nate Hall
3rd:  Liam Hall

Marathon Results:

1st:   Phetetso Monese
2nd:  Frans Nel
3rd:  Tumelo Makae


  • CrankChaos Facebook event page:
  • Facebook:
  • Website:
  • Afriski Website:

Photo Credit: Craig Kolesky

G-Form, a leader in athletic impact protection, welcomed Bill Hamid, of D.C. United in Major League Soccer and the U.S. Men’s National team, as the brand’s newest ambassador for soccer.


Hamid has been the first choice goalkeeper at D.C. United since 2010, when he broke Tim Howard’s record for the youngest goalkeeper to win a game in the MLS. Hamid continued to improve and earned Goalkeeper of the Year honors for the MLS in 2014 along with being a finalist in 2015. He is regularly called up to the U.S. Men’s National Team and has made two appearances for the senior team, keeping a clean sheet in his debut.

In January 2016, Hamid reported to the U.S. National Team despite an injury to his knee that occurred in training. His worst fears were realized when doctors discovered a tear in his meniscus. Hamid was out six months and missed the first 12 games of the 2016 MLS season. Upon return, Hamid was determined to explore injury prevention.

“Goalkeeper training is intense and involves a lot of repetition that takes a toll on your body” said Hamid. “The G-Form shorts, shirts and shin guards couldn’t be more ideal for me. I’m thrilled to be a part of the G-Form team and I’m proud to represent a brand I believe in.”

“We are very excited to have Bill Hamid join our growing list of professional athletes,” said Michael De Leon, VP global marketing, G-Form. “He is a tremendous athlete and the first goalkeeper to join our team. To have someone in his position, that takes impacts several times every single day, want to use our products is the best endorsement we could ever get. This is an ideal partnership and we are looking forward to seeing Bill accomplish everything he wants to in the game while wearing G-Form.”

Dookie Downhill is a Downhill Skateboarding and Luge competition hosted by First Nature on the infamous Hillclimb Drive in Krugersdorp, Johannesburg. In 2016 the event will be held on 6 and 7 August in combination with an event at Steepways on 9 August.

At #DookieDownhill there are only two racing categories: Downhill Skateboard and Street Luge. There will be no separate categories for Juniors, masters or ladies but rather all age groups will race together in one category. Juniors and ladies will be awarded points for their specific categories based on where they place in the open category.

Video 1/8:

Video 2/8:

Video 3/8:

Video 4/8:

Johannesburg – 10 August 2016 – Africa’s one and only Slopestyle event, the Xperia Winter Whip Snowboard and Ski Jam, took place Saturday, 6 August 2016 at Afriski Mountain Resort in Lesotho. The event, which is organised annually by LW Mag, brings together Snowboarders and Skiers from all around South Africa and Lesotho to compete and promote snow sports on the continent. This year’s event also saw a riders from the United States and Canada participating.

Course Preview

Heavy snowfall a week prior to the competition gave the Kapoko Park crew the opportunity to build the biggest Winter Whip slopestyle course to date. The course consisted of five platforms with the first three providing a mix of rail, stair and box features. The fourth platform introduced the first big kicker and Ugandan Up Rail, with the final platform, dubbed by the judges as the Xperia Modey Booter, comprising of the biggest kicker on course and undoubtedly the biggest kicker in the competition’s three-year history.

As always, the Open Men division was highly contested and featured progressive riding from all competitors. Vishaylin Mahadeo progressed throughout the jam, hitting the whole park and leaving a good overall impression on the judges to see him take 3rd for his first podium finish. The 2nd place step went to Jason Lammers, 2014 winner and 2015 runner up, who was as competitive as ever with solid runs that included big amplitude and awesome transfers. First time entrant, Storm Andrews wowed the judges with great use of the park, as well as a 180 on to 180 off the butter box and big grabs over the kickers to secure his place on the top step and take home the Club Med prize consisting of an all-inclusive snow holiday for two to Club Med Val Thorens in France.

Vishaylin Mahadeo

Vishaylin Mahadeo


Jason Lemmers

Jason Lemmers


Storm Andrews

Storm Andrews


The Ski division saw a number of new entrants this year, but it was JTK again who dominated the field. Huge Backflips, Frontflips and a Misty 720 safeguarded his win and title once again. Tredoux Willemse and Christiaan Willemse battled it out for the final two podium positions, both with great rail lines and 180 attempts. When it came down to the points it was Tredoux who finished in 2nd ahead of Christiaan in 3rd.




One of main reasons for holding an event like this is to showcase progression, and bring new blood into the sport. This year’s Junior division saw the most amount of entries since the start of the competition in 2014, proving that snow sports in Africa is heading in the right direction.

Alex Steven, a first time entrant, put on a great performance Boardsliding the Flat to Down box and hitting the big gaps to finish in 3rd. Last year’s winner, Erin Nel, was riding better than ever before with style on the rails and big jumps, as well as hitting the Ugandan Up Rail to claim 2nd. 13 year old, Ethan Terblanche blew away the field by nailing Frontside 360’s and Backflips over the kickers, which saw him take a dominant win. “We were so impressed with Ethan’s riding that we also scored him in the Pro Men division, where he placed with an impressive 5th place,” says Xperia Winter Whip organiser, Ryan van der Spuy.


Ethan Terblanche

Ethan Terblanche


In the Ladies division it was multiple title-holder, Mawa Jekot that walked away with the overall win. Jekot played it safe in the beginning with solid and steezy runs, but mixed things up during the end of the jam by hitting to the more technical rails showing progression in her riding. 11 year old, Erin Nel stepped up to enter the Ladies division this year and it paid off, her stylish and solid riding saw her finish in a respectable 2nd place. Tayla De Beer hit some solid big gaps to take home a well-deserved 3rd place in her first competition.

Mawa Jekot

Mawa Jekot


Erin Nel

Erin Nel


Tayla De Beer

Tayla De Beer


The Pro Men division was just insane this year with hugely competitive runs from the division’s top scorers. Dean Van Greunen put down some huge runs, which included Front and Backflip combos and stylish Frontside and Backside 360’s, but his rail game let him down in the points and he finished in 3rd place. It was a race for first between Luke Dutton and Andrew Le Roux. Dutton’s style was rock-solid with Front Lips down the Handrail, a Frontflip onto the Butter Box, huge airs and two attempts at a Double Frontflip over the Xperia Modey Booter. Le Roux impressed the judges by doing a Regular run and then doing the same run Switch. He also had Frontside 720 Indy grabs, Cab 540’s and Frontside 360’s with grabs on lock. When it came down to the points, Dutton had to settle for 2nd and Le Roux that took home 1st. Last year’s Pro Men division winner, Liam Roy finished in 4th, attempting huge Double Backflips, unfortunately just not able to land them.

Dean Van Greunen

Dean Van Greunen


Luke Dutton

Luke Dutton


Andrew Le Roux

Andrew Le Roux


Le Roux’s win also sees him take the Club Med prize consisting of an all-inclusive snow holiday for two to Club Med Val Thorens in France.

To finish off the day, the Method Madness presented by Red Bull took place off the bottom kicker. Method Madness was a half hour jam session to see who could pull off the biggest, steeziest Method grab. It was a good run for the win between Matthew Amoretti, Dale Andrews, Wesley Schallen, Luke Dutton and Dean Van Greunen, but it was Van Greunen who claimed victory and took home the R5,000.00 cash prize.

Dean Van Greunen Method Madness

Dean Van Greunen Method Madness


2016 Xperia Winter Whip Results

Open Men:

1st Storm Andrews

2nd Jason Lammers

3rd Vishaylin Mahadeo

Podium Open Men



1st JTK

2nd Tredoux Willemse

3rd Christiaan Willemse


Podium Ski



1st Ethan Terblanche

2nd Erin Nel

3rd Alex Steven

Podium Junior


1st Mawa Jekot

2nd Erin Nel

3rd Tayla De Beer

Podium Ladies


Pro Men:

1st Andrew Le Roux

2nd Luke Dutton

3rd Dean van Greunen

Podium Pro Men


Ryan van der Spuy commented, “This year’s event was better than ever and we cannot thank all those involved enough – from the athletes who continue to share their passion for the sport, to the judges who gave their time to score each run, the media who have helped spread the word, the medics onsite, Kapoko Park crew and Afriski Resort who provided us with a top grade course and facilities, the spectators and our incredible sponsors. We have received such great support from our sponsors this year; Sony Mobile, Club Med, Red Bull, Skullcandy, Neff, Ogio and Jägermeister, all of whom helped to make the 2016 Xperia Winter Whip a great success”.

Celebrations went on late into the night at the Gondola Café with resident DJ Black Sparrow and a live performance from The Snowcones.

Photo credit: Jason May and Shawn Van Zyl

G-Form has the best base layer system on the market. Combining their cutting edge technology with low profile base layer protection, G-Form provides comfortable security and flexibility without broadcasting it.  If you are looking for protection from the bumps and bruises that come along with any ski and snowboarding outing but don’t want to wear clunky padding this product has your name on it.If there is one thing both Snowboarders and Skiers can agree upon, its the base layer protection that G-Form offers in high impact and key coverage areas.Check out a snow sizzle demonstrating G-Form athletes. Protection for Everybody.

How G-Form technology works:

How G-form technology works

How G-Form technology works